FAQs from Contributor

  • Can I take pictures or videos with a smartphone?
  • Yes.
  • Does it cost money to sell content with Photoland agency?

  • Do you sell our content exclusively?
    No. You can sell anywhere you want.

  • How does your payment to contributor work?
    70% to content creators, 30% sales commission to the agency, At the end of each month, we calculate the content sold through our site,  transfer the amount automatically to your PayPal account, and provide a summary. In addition, we sell the content for the creators through other agencies and transfer the payment to you following the 30% deduction.

  • How do you pay us?

  • What licenses for content use do you offer to customers?
    See link about licenses.

  • Who sets the price of the content?
    We have set a price range, and you choose the price.

  • What about copyright of my content?
    The copyright belongs to you.

  • Is it allowed to sell photos or videos that I found on a website for free download, like pexels, etc.?
    No. You are allowed to sell only what you have the copyright on.

  • Do clients need to credit content? 
    Yes. For each content, like this: (your name/Photo Land).

  • Do you sell news content?
    No. We deal with content for commercial use.

  • What content cannot be sold?
    Content that is against the law.

  • What about photographing recognizable people and private property?
    See link about release forms.

  • From what age can I work with you?
    From 18.

  • What about tax reporting on your earnings?
    Each person is responsible for their own tax reports.

  • In what formats should the images be?
    JPG, PNG.

  • In what formats should the videos be?
    MOV or MP4.

  • In what resolution should videos be?
    Full High Definition (FHD) 1920x1080P.
    Ultra High Definition (UHD-4K) 3840x2160P.

  • At what resolution should the images be?
    They must be at least 5 MP (megapixels), a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels or larger.

  • Is it possible to sell photos that I created in an AI generator?
    Yes. Here are the AI generators approved for commercial use.

  • On which other sites do you sell the content?
    Adobe Stock Shutterstock Depositphotos Dreamstime Alamy Pond5 123rf 
    Gettyimages EyeEm Redbubble 500px ArtPal Fineartamerica
  • How do I send the content to the agency?

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